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Jose Rodriguez was inspired by his autistic younger brother, Joel Rodriguez to create a solution for people with autism and ADHD who need an outlet for their anxiety or hyperactivity.


To avoid relying on fidget toys that are often lost or misplaced, he founded Tasium™, a clothing company whose clothing provides built-in and eventually customizable outlets to release distractions and energy without interrupting others. Jose started his business venture with Tasium™ in his junior year of high school at the age of 16.


Utilizing skills he acquired from an NFTE course he took his junior year, he won the 2020 NFTE national business plan competition, becoming the first person from not only Rhode Island but the entire New England region to win this prestigious award. Being the big brother of an autistic person, Jose has experienced firsthand the difficulties that come with autism and ADHD, but perhaps the most impactful qualification he has is being the son of a special needs educator.


Due to his success at NFTE Jose has received a 4-year full-tuition scholarship, at Babson College! The #1 business school in the country. Jose says, “the best part is Babson’s proximity to home”, so he can continue to be an inspiration for his younger brother. 

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