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17-year-old founder and CEO of Tasium wins national entrepreneurship competition

Inspired by a younger brother with autism, Jose Rodriguez Jr. — a senior at The Met School — launched a line of apparel with fidget toys attached.

This week’s Ocean State Innovators conversation is with Jose M. Rodriguez Jr., founder and CEO of Tasium, a Providence-based company that develops specialized clothing for people on the autism spectrum.

Q: Tell us about Tasium and the purpose of the clothing.

Rodriguez: Tasium is an apparel line that has fidget toys attached to the clothing so people don’t lose the toys, and they can have access to the toys in a discreet way. Fidget toys are known to improve productivity and decrease stress for people on the autism spectrum and those with ADHD. Fidget toys allow you to scratch that itch of fidgeting in a way that’s more productive.

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