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Inspired by sibling, teen inventor combines shirts and fidget toys

One afternoon, Jose Rodriguez Jr. watched as his little brother Joel scrambled in searching for his fidget toy. The fidget toy is important for Joel, who has Asperger's Syndrome and likes to play with it to relax.

That’s when an idea struck Rodriguez: What if he could find a better way for Joel and others with autism to keep track of their fidget toys?

Combining the idea with his passion for clothing, Rodriguez founded Tasium, a company that makes t-shirts with fidget toys attached to them. Each fidget is attached to the bottom corner of each shirt with a clip to ensure that the toy is never far from the person wearing it.

As he gets close to graduating from high school, Rodriguez said he plans to continue the business from college and expand Tasium into hoodies, sweatpants, hats, purses, and more, with every piece of clothing having some kind of fidget toy attached.\

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